Bike-/ scooter-/ boat-/ car rent/ golf

To explore the environment of Collioure, or for pleasure and leisure at the water, you can rent boats, bicycles, motorycles and scooters in Collioure. Cars can be rented in Perpignan or Gerona. There is a diversity of golf courses at driving distance of Collioure.

In Colioure town you can rent boats, canoes, waterscooters, bicycles, motorcycles and scooters. For a short periode (half day) or a longer period (1 week or longer). Car rental is available in Perpignan and Gerona.  As well at the airports, as at the trainstations. We are happy to give you further information or mediate for you.

Attention: car rentals can have special requirements for age and experience of drivers.

There are various beautiful and special glof courses at driving distance of Collioure. St. Cyprien (20 km), Montescot (20 km), Amélie les Bains (40 km), de Falgos (60 km at 1.100 meters altitude) and Font-Romeu (118 km at 1.800 meters altitude). You have the choice between golfing with see view, or in the mountains with the giants of the Pyrenees in the background. Whatever you want!