Extensive walkroutes

Collioure and it’s surroundings are a hikers’ paradise. Just north of Collioure one can hike along the flat coastline. Just outside the village the vineyards situated and direct in the hinterland start the steep Pyrenees.

There are extensive hiking routes around Collioure of various distances and difficulties. Flat routes in northern direction along the coastline and in the direction of Perpignan. Direct in the hinterland start the Pyrenees with many routes from easy to difficult. These routes will give you the most beautiful panoramas of the French coastline. As soon as you have eft Collioure, you will walk between the vineyards. The favorite hike of many is the one to the Tour Madeloc at 650 meters above sea level, that you can see from Collioure. Also the (much shorter) hike to Fort St Elme will provide you breathtaking views over Collioure and the Mediterranian Sea.